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I'm all agreeable to rest and winter is such a great time to catch up on rest but on the flip side, winter can tend to get a little un-motivating too and balance is always key.

Here are some simple tips to ensure you don't lend all your time to Netflix and enjoy a positive home experience for it.


I have this woven trunk I picked up from an op-shop that I use to put away seasonal clothing I won't be using. Clearing out the shorts, tee's and dresses from your drawers will simplify your clothing organisation and allow those knits to be properly folded and put away. Simplifying your wardrobe makes getting dressed so much easier, it's tidier and feels kind of committed to the current season too which helps you be more present.


There is always something to plant in NZ all year round. June is a grea time to plant spinach, kale, lettuce, broccoli, strawberries, cabbage and more.

If you have limited space, a herb garden near or in the kitchen is such a win. Coriander and parsley are seasonal now too and make such a delicious fresh hit to winter cooking.


Winter is the time to bring out extra blankets and throws and really have some fun with your linen layering.

Think mixing textures to bring interest and coziness to a space.

A quilted blanket can have a textured throw layered on that as well.

Rugs are also great for warmth and sound absorption too.


Obviously if you have a fireplace, lighting a fire is one of the best things about winter. Not just for the obvious warmth but the warmth of light it emits and the fire element in your home to bring life into the space. If you don't have a fireplace, candles are a great way to bring in warm light and cozy ambience.

Use your lamps, led strips, fairy lights, little extras to bring visual warmth into your home on those cold grey days and evenings. Make sure your bulbs are a warm white too at about 3000 - 4000K.

5000K plus is a blue light (depending on the type of light and brand) which throws a cooler shade in the space and will dull warm colour.


Winter dries out our skin, create a home spa set up to inspire you to take more baths.

This can look like a bath shelf like in the image below, a styled shelf on the wall or even a designated space in your vanity. To style, use a plump face cloth, product, candles, salts or whatever a pamper night looks like to you. For me it's screen free but you might take the chance to catch your favourite show.

Self care is not a luxury, but a necessity, so no guilt allowed!

I hope this post helped you feel a little more excited about the cooler months and help you use your home to ignite the experiences you want.

Our homes have such an ability to lift us up or pull us down, so a clean, fun and loving home can lift you up in all kinds of ways, rain or shine! So enjoy creating for yourself a beautiful home that serves.

Have a fabulous day, designing your life x

The Healing Spaces Project - Lauren Shiels.

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