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Updated: Jul 13, 2021

I love humanity,

What a contrast that sentence is to what we normally hear about ourselves.

We live in an illusion that states we are seperate from nature when you only need to look with your own eyes to see how untrue this is.

Look at the way the earth breathes in and out with the change of seasons, ice folds over the top and bottom of the earth then pulls back in the warmer months, waves crash in and out of the rocks this never stops, we breathe in the oxygen that trees expel while the tree breathes in our carbon.

Look at the veins on your wrist then inspect the veins of a leaf, also part made of water, also effected by the weather, the moon, the cosmos.

Look into the eyes of an animal and become aware of that animals awareness of you.

Perhaps when the bible says that man is made in gods image, this doesn't mean a mirror of a human form but a reflection of creation itself, a fractal and part of an interdependent system that is life on earth,

part of it.

We are bombarded with fear of climate change and destroying the planet and although I agree that we should all do our part to support nature, I say we step away from the fear narrative. The fear that has zero wasters judging others for doing less than them (not all obviously), the fear that has children feeling helpless and fearful of their own futures, the fear that leads someone to question wether or not they should have children! I connect to these examples because they used to be me.

7 years ago I was on the beach protesting against the culling of sharks, tirelessly trying to recycle, re use or have less backed with a sense of guilt and helplessness. A guilt and tear between the fact I was in the interiors industry which I loved and was naturally good at, but had minimal reflection of environmental values - little did I know this tear would mend and become part my ever learning and philosophy.

Try for a moment to bring awareness to this fear we have of our own species destroying the planet (it's a heavy burden) you may not realise how much of this messaging is effecting you and it is everywhere, from politics, to music, entertainment (who knows this quote: 'You're a virus Mr Anderson') and the education system.

Now consider we can take care of our planet from a space of love.

We can nurture this planet with our everyday choices, with the understanding that the climate is always changing and together we have the power to restore mother nature back to paradise.

Do you feel how different this perspective is?

You may still make similar environmental choices but the vibration that's held behind those choices is one of empowerment and love with self forgiveness for the fact we haven't got it all figured out yet, not fear.

Personally I do believe the climate is changing but this is because it always is, and while it does matter what we do, we need to look after our planet, I also think the fear thats built around it, is exaggerated. From someone who was very fearful for our future, to now someone who is excited. Whether I'm wrong or right is irrelevant, my intentions are true and this for me is solid and perhaps worth sharing.

Step away from the messaging and take a look outside, experience the air around you, the temperature, the sounds and energy of it. This is your experience, does this feel like impending doom? Or does it feel simply beautiful?

You may even consider for a moment, that nature loves and supports you.

While we are alive, this is our planet, our home, our mother and I choose to love her, not fear her.

For me, this choice is an embodiment of 'being the change'.

Have a fabulous day, designing your life x

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