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We have 5 physical senses - Sight, smell, touch, taste and the ability to hear sound.

So much emphasis when it comes to the home is based on sight, we want it to look good, fair enough.

I want to evoke some thought about all the physical senses in the home.

Paying attention to our senses is a way to pull us from our chattering brains and transports us to the mindful state of 'now'.

Home is a space where we can tailor and control our environment. Encouraging the senses can help us achieve a mindful state, relieving stress and assisting in re-connecting you to yourself, your loved ones, or the home activities that make your heart sing!


Beginning with sight but in this case specifically, light.

Think about the purpose of a room.

The kitchen for example requires ample light so that you can see what you are doing but it also serves in the evening when you are winding down for bed and just want to make a cup of tea. So consider light variation too, LED strips create a soft glow for low light settings as well as interest and stimulation when cooking dinner and entertaining.

Image Credit: Allied Maker


For me, I light incense or scented candles almost daily. Scents intensify mood. For example when I am cleaning I like to use invigorating citrus because its energising and fresh and in the afternoon I might burn Frankincense to clear energies from my morning activities and reset for the afternoon and I just love the smell. Scent is wildly underrated in my opinion, they have such power to bring you into the moment and support your intention.


When it comes to touch, think about textures and how they interact with each other.

If you have a leather couch, a soft cashmere throw or chunky knit is such a great companion, visually yes, but the contrast of texture when it comes to touch creates interest and brings a coziness to the cool surface of the leather, which is comforting.

Image credit: House of Grey


Obviously the surrounds of your dwelling will bring a certain theme of sounds, if you live in the suburbs that probably includes some form of traffic. The best way I think to handle this is to make sure you have a garden between the road and the home with some lovely thick foliage to help mute the traffic and invite birds to stop by.

When renovating or building, do consider the acoustics of floor coverings, vinyl flooring for example usually have sound absorbing technologies so walking around in your high heels won't sound like a thunder clap.


According to June McLeod in 'Colours of the Soul', the colour orange "has a direct effect of our digestive system, calming and soothing it". Orange based colours like peach, apricot and burnt orange are lovely choices for residential colour schemes. I personally have a nude coloured kitchen and I must admit, fresh green herbs, red tomatoes and colourful produce just sing louder with a nude backdrop. I am no chef, but when I am enjoying cooking a meal that energy transfers to the meal and makes it much more enjoyable.

I hope this has inspired you to take a look beyond the overall visual of your space. After all, our homes are not photographs in a magazine but a dwelling to be experienced.

The Healing Spaces Project - Lauren Shiels.

Image Credit: Pinterest

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