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Updated: Apr 15

I breathe deeply, my heart beats strong, I am nervous sitting here writing out my hearts desire.

I used to think that interior design was materialistic and shallow.

Even though my studies and jobs I had were all within this industry, through experience of working with designers and a fair few (not all) of them were, lets say 'diva like', I would think "I love interior design, but I could never be an interior designer, they don't seem to listen to their clients, it's all about them being stars and fabulous, no interior design is not for me'.

When turning away from your hearts desire it is easy to get on the wrong path, eventually I found myself in marketing and was getting even more lost.

I started, reading about Feng Shui, colour therapy and dabbling in the interest of it, I can't say I agreed with everything I read, it was too far from the self and too detached from the individual to make sense to me.

But some things stuck, some things made sense.

Through exploring my passion of interiors in my own spare time I started to realise how important our spaces actually are, you know the phrase, we are a product of our environment.

I also realised that I don't need to be a diva to be a designer and someone who listens and makes the process about the client, would make a damn good designer! The block in my path, was free'd. But there was still that niggling feeling that materialistic, shallow part, was interior design shallow?

With some self exploration, I thought, if I could choose who I would design for it would be those who need support to transform their lives the most, the ill, the abused, the lost youth and more.

The idea was born and I instantly had a name, The Healing Spaces Project.

I would create environments for these people that reflect back the message they need to feel, to heal.

2 examples. A womens refuge (I have heard) are underfunded, rundown. The message someone might feel from a space like this is 'you are a victim'. I want the space to say 'you are worthy'.

A cancer treatment room in a hospital (I have heard) are underfunded and basic, a space like this says 'you are sick', what it should say is 'you are here to heal'.

These spaces and community spaces like this, are the way they are, because they are underfunded.

What if I found a way to fund improvement of these spaces, let's pretend money wasn't an issue and just dream for a moment.

A beautiful and thoughtful space where someone goes to heal, they would feel better for this because in this phase of their life, this space is the environment they are a product of. The staff would feel uplifted in providing a better quality experience, the families who visit feel their loved one is pampered and looked after, it is all round positive.

Right now, my plan is to simply put aside some of my interior design profits and simply save, perhaps certain businesses might get behind me and donate products, labour etc.

To be brutally honest I have no idea 'how' I will pay for these projects but the law of the universe teaches not to worry about how, so for now my idea begins as a blog.

The Healing Spaces Project is my dream (along side my beloved interior design business) and I have full belief in the changes happening in the world, our hearts have collectively softened with compassion and care for others, those in the medical industry are getting the recognition they deserve and the celebrity are finally being seen for what they are, well paid entertainers. Let us remember the lessons of Covid-19, remember the kindness and compassion so that we can build a new World from it.

With these words now out, my breathe is calm, my heart no longer races.

I hope that you will watch this space.

The Healing Spaces Project - Lauren Shiels.


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