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5G is popping up around New Zealand and fast!

A controversial topic, some experts simply call it the next necessary step in technology to accomodate a growing need for communications, others are concerned about increased radiation health risks. To learn more about these possible health risks here is a great video on YouTube


5G is the next step in radio technology which promises faster processing speeds by offering more available bandwidth options.

According to the New Zealand Ministry of Health "Each radio service is allocated a frequency to prevent it interfering with other services. 5G services in New Zealand will initially use frequencies around 3.5 GHz. This is similar to frequencies used by existing cellsites. Higher frequencies around 26 GHz (sometimes referred to as millimetre waves or mmWaves) will be introduced later, especially where high data rates or

capacity are needed." Read the document here

If you already have a sensitivity to wifi or you are concerned about being exposed to these frequencies here are some things we can do to help create balance and refuge in the home.


Turning off your wifi at night is a clever habit. Wifi can effect melatonin production and can interfere with your sleep cycle. This is a particularly good idea if you have trouble sleeping as it is or if you use your phone as an alarm clock next to your head!


Aloe Vera - Also handy to have for medicinal purposes, Aloe Vera absorbs high levels of radiation as well as cleaning the air. They are a great indoor plant and are easy to care for.

Mustard Greens - Absorb radiation and add a delicious spicy kick to your meals. This can be grown outdoors as well as indoors and is fast growing.

Stone Lotus Flower - Incredibly easy to take care of and makes a cute decoration at your office desk to help absorb radiation from your devices.

Stone Lotus Flower

Spider Plant - Absorbs pollution, electromagnetic radiation and harmful gasses. Incredible!


There are many kinds of products available that harmonise positive ions that come from technical, electrical, geopathic and bioplasmic energy.

One practical solution is a Geoclense Home Harmoniser.


If you are a crystal person, Orgonite and Elite Shugnite are good choices for EMF protection.

Elite Shungnite


I encourage you to do your own research and I have not (yet) personally read this book, but I have been recommended it for those who are sensitive to wifi. The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg has great research and tips on how to combat radiation.

Last but not least is to keep your vibrations high, by honouring yourself with healthy foods, positive influence within the home and grounding yourself by walking barefoot on the Earth (this is actually incredibly beneficial by connecting to Earths frequencies).

My attitude towards 5G is undecided. I am still researching and there definitely is some ideas out there worth considering. But while we figure out how to progress in a way that benefits ALL of humanity, one thing is for sure, by taking the steps above we are bringing awareness and consideration to the situation in a positive way.

Stay well xx

The Healing Spaces Project - Lauren Shiels.

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