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Do your soul a favour and watch this preview for the movie 'In pursuit of Silence'.

How do you feel?

I had already seen the movie and thought I might be able to share it (I am unable to do that for free) but for this conversation, the trailer was enough. I know for me after watching just the trailer, I felt a sense of both relief and longing.

Right now as I write up this blog at 10.30pm, I can hear traffic, my clock ticking, my keyboard clacking and my son coughing. The washing machine finished before and it beeps for 30 seconds when it has.

The news was on earlier and to me, it felt like there was an uninvited guest in my living room that could only speak of doom and gloom - luckily, I could send him packing with a rude flick of a switch.

In my car earlier, I quickly skipped through different frequencies trying to find music that matched mine, but all there was, was adverts and the opinions of radio jockeys with no opportunity for rebuttal.

We are so accustomed to sound that we lose our awareness of how noisy our day is, we forget that deep down, we need silence

and stillness.

Our homes are the only environments we can somewhat control.

I invite you for one evening, to try and be aware of the sounds in your home, what IN-Formation are you letting into your space?

What can you do to soften your experience?

Here are some ideas

- Invest in rugs if you have a timber/tiled floor. These will help zone different areas and absorb noise bouncing around.

- If you are building or renovating walls, consider installing acoustic insulation to absorb noise from different rooms.

- Turn off the radio and play some high frequency music (I'll put a link for some below)

- Put the dishwasher on when you go to bed.

- Create white noise to drown out street traffic by planting heavy foliage between the street and your home and/or install a water fountain in your garden, both will invite birds and insects into your property which also contribute to a nature filled sound.

- Bring awareness to the sounds of your cooking, grating of vegetables, sizzle of the pan, a wooden spoon scraping the bowl and use this experience to bring you into a space of presence and joy.

- Sit outside, somewhere different than where you normally do in the evening with all lights and screens turned off inside to enjoy the stars, the gentle tussle of breeze in the trees and crickets.

- Soft furnishings absorb sound, so use cushions, throws, curtains, headboards and textured art on the walls to help stop echo.

Try it without self judgement, turning off the news does not make you ignorant, taking control of the sound clutter of your home is an act of self love that you so dearly deserve.

At least if we cannot be in a field of grass and breeze, we can be in our safe space, making conscious choice of what our home sounds like and what we let in to our sacred space so that our homes can serve our mental and physical wellbeing.

Some of my favourite high frequency music choices that I play on Youtube through a bluetooth speaker.

Reading some of the comments in these is usually an experience too x

Happiness frequency music -

Cleansing of the home frequency music -

Calm anxiety frequency music -

Hopefully this has helped you expand your knowing in the ways your home can support you.

So much of the time, the answers to our troubles lay in the closing off of our own awareness, but once we bring it to light, we can take control and use it to intentionally shape our lives.

Have a beautiful day, designing your life.

The Healing Spaces Project - Lauren Shiels.

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