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I recently shared a story on Instagram from a page called Mindfitnewzealand, it was a quote by Dr Christine Northrup that went like this:

"As a Doctor, let me tell you what self-love does:

It improves your hearing, your eyesight, lowers your blood pressure, increases pulmonary function, cardiac output, and helps wiring the musculature.

If we had a rampant self-love epidemic then our healthcare costs would go down dramatically.

So this isn't some little frou-frou new age notion, oh love yourself honey.

This is hardcore science."

Self love is something society has more trained out of us than encouraged. We are celebrated by putting others before ourselves, sacrificing what we need for fear of judgement, exclusion or lack.

The time for depleting ourselves is over, because we can only truly be of service when pouring from a full cup anyway and self love is a solid foundation for a happy life.

Here are some ideas of how you can make your home a supportive sanctuary, that allows you to replenish yourself and have that positive energy reflect back on to you.


A change in the room is a pleasant surprise, even just swapping the pillowcase covers with a different set can become the focal point of the room.

Try arranging your pillows a different way, pulling your top sheet up over your duvet cover or put an extra blanket at the end of the bed to act as a throw.

Don't stress about how it 'should look' just have a play and enjoy the creativity, whilst putting some extra care into something that you use.

This is always a good opportunity to take a look at your side tables and clear off any dust, books that aren't being read or any junk or unused items that accumulate 'stuck' energy.

Image from


You can read more about what this is and why it is helpful here but a sacred space is a go to for when you are feeling confused, negative, overwhelmed etc and just need to take a breathe.

For me, I have two spaces that I go to, I sit on the side of my bed with my best view out the window for when there are others in the house, or I sit on a cushion on my living room floor if I am so lucky to have the house to myself. These are my sacred spaces that I know I can turn to when I need to just reflect, have a conversation with myself or meditate, which to me, is crucial to a self love ritual.

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Consider how you use your bathroom, are you someone who tends to shower in the morning, or pampers at night? Or both? How do you want your bathroom to make you feel?

If you are like me and enjoy the bathroom as a spa like experience, keep styling simple and natural with beautiful shell from the beach, an orchid and stone accessories to really tap into those elemental energies.

If you are someone who is up in the morning with a hot shower, fresh as a daisy and ready to go! You may want your bathroom to be a bit more playful, introducing colour and contrast with fun accessories will aid in stimulation and assist in an energetic start.

You can consider this if you are planning to build or renovate your bathroom too to ensure your tile choices etc are assisting in the experience you want.

Image from Pinterest (Eucalyptus)


Nothing seems to comfort quite like a hot drink!

The warmth in your hands, the feeling of the cup, aroma and taste. It's easy to take for granted but is such a sensory experience and therefore an incredible way to take a break.

A special vessel is always a fun way to treat yourself every time. A gorgeous teapot, ceramic mug, whatever it is, ensuring you have something special like this in the kitchen just for you can really amplify the experience and give you a little hit of excitement when it's time for tea.

Again having this either on display or easily accessible will encourage use, which means more time invested into self care.

Ceramic cups by Ruthie Frank


When you look to nature there is always change taking place, seasonal change, colours, the kinds of flowers that are blooming or fauna around. Change is truly the only constant.

So when you make a pleasant visual change in your home it sparks a positive reaction as we are meant to be in changing environments. One cute way to do this is to dress your dining table.

Straight away I get excited because my instant reaction would be to bolt to a florist or plant store to display some beautiful seasonal flowers or foliage. My favourite is a clear glass vase so that you can see the water which brings the water element to the scene along with earth, but ceramic or something arty or sculptural can be amazing and really sets a positive focal point to the room, not to mention injecting some vitality to the space, especially in Spring.

I love linen table cloths too, or textural placemats, you can use one of these underneath a vase to anchor it.

I find when I have some fresh flowers or foliage on the table I constantly admire it every time I enter the room and who doesn't love getting flowers, buying them for yourself is just as, if not more special.

Image from Pinterest

When it comes to self love, the idea that it is a treat or earned, for me, is history.

Why not learn to love ourselves, because we are here, on Earth, gifted with these sensory pleasures to experience the world around us. If this strikes a little feeling of guilt, this can be transmuted by moving into gratitude that we are able to create these experiences for ourselves and by doing so, with the intention of self care, we are more able to step into the best version of ourselves and serve others as well.

What can you do today to show yourself that you love you?

Have a fabulous day, designing your life.

Lauren Shiels - 'The Healing Spaces Project'.

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