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Updated: May 6, 2021

If you tune into social media, turn on the news, read the paper, go online, you will see pretty quickly - things are crazy out there and I really don't see them simmering down any time soon, this is not a reason to go into fear or overwhelm but quite the opposite, it can also be an opportunity to tune into your own life.

This is no spiritual bypass, 'good vibes only' will not serve you, only blind you. True positive thinking is recognising the dark, as well as the light and choosing to put your focus and time on the light and the potential outcomes you would like to see.

I am no guru, I am simply speaking from my own spiritual journey, whether you keep reading or take any of this in, is your choice. Ahh freedom :)

I'm also getting ahead of myself. Step one in this whole scenario (in my opinion) is stepping out of the noise and finding your center, specifically at home.

Here are things that you can do when you do find yourself in fear, overwhelm, anger, helplessness or any other lower emotion, to bring yourself into the present moment and find your center.


We have access to air 24/7, it is always there for you, bring attention to your breathe and slow it down, feel your stomach rise with your inhale and your shoulders relax with your exhale. There is no perfect way to do this, just do what feels comfortable. If you can open a window or sit on your doorstep, fresh air will amplify the benefits.


I always used to say to my fiance after a hard day at work, go have a shower and 'wash it off' back then it was just an exercise with a metaphor, now I see it as a literal exercise for cleansing your energetic body. A bath is nice, but the movement of water running over you is golden.


Do you clean when you are grumpy?

Household commercial cleaners have been proven to induce a negative mood from the chemicals. So if you are cleaning to reset your mindset, try using natural cleaners or hot water with white vinegar and an essential oil that you love. Breathe in the scent and pay attention to the physical senses involved in the surfaces you touch.

If you need something a little more energetic, putting on a load of washing or scrubbing helps too. I tell you what, when things are tough sometimes there is nothing better than some good ol fashioned chores.


I'm just going to sing a little Black Eyed Peas here 'You've got to have love to set it straight, take control of your mind and meditate, let your soul gravitate, to the love yol!'

Your soul is love, your soul is you, you are love.


Candles, lights, lamps, turn them on.

Not that there is anything wrong with darkness, its gorgeous but when you are needing some extra support, physical light will help with this to help you feel less alone and remind you that your home and belongings are here for you.

Remember the love that you put into your home, will reflect back on to you, inanimate objects hold energy that their story has been emitted on them, which means we have the power to create an energetic home that serves, by loving yourself within it.

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Have a wonderful day, designing your life.

The healing spaces project - Lauren Shiels.

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