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We are, constantly, being sold convenience.

'Save time!' 'Save the hassle!' 'Do the things you want to be doing' (not the things you don't).

Think about those cleaning product commercials, the black and white scenes displaying an outrageous moment of stress, followed by the smoothness of the product, followed by an image of someone watching a movie with their family or walking on the beach.

These commercials, as one example, are saying to you - you hate cleaning, you need this product, you would rather be doing other things.

Not to say that this is wrong and not to say there is anything wrong with convenience! Convenience can be wonderful! I am more bringing attention to the idea that you are being told that you don't like housework and all this negativity toward house work is creating some missed opportunities of still moments and domestic bliss.

Quick disclaimer! I am a creative so am naturally a little chaotic and expressive - don't go thinking my house looks like a showroom! It's much more lived in then that.

This kind of pressure 'save time', appears to me to be coming from a place of lack. Like we are constantly beating the clock for the clock.

Let's ditch this idea of housework being this terrible thing of avoidance and take a look at why house work is living too.


A study at Florida University in 2015 found that doing the dishes in a mindful state decreased stress and calms the mind. Why not enjoy this moment to contemplate or simply enjoy the sensory moment of warm soapy water and a lovely clean smell.


There are many chemicals that can be found in different cleaning products that are down right toxic and can also put you and your family in a bad mood. Making your own cleaning products has a 'feel good' factor to it and chances are there are some sort of delicious essential oils or lemon juice that will leave the space smelling amazing. No toxins, no bad moods and marine life friendly.


If you don't crank up some music or plug in to your headphones when you are cleaning up, you are missing out! Everyone knows music makes you feel good, dancing is even better. Shake off whatever stuck energies are clogging your day and express that reset in a clean and loved space.


I know for myself, that when I feel overwhelmed, stressed or any intense emotion that I'm not necessarily enjoying, as easy as it is to get stuck feeling negative, grounding those energies into physical acts helps a lot. I heard a quote one day which I loved, it went something like 'you can be spiritually enlightened but you still have to do the washing' - anon.


I love my appliances and I often when I use them, take a moment to feel grateful that I have them and that they are in working order.


A moment to take in your newly cleaned space. I like to christen it by lighting an incense that matches my mood. A well deserved cup of tea will allow you to enjoy that break so much more. You have put your time, energy and love into your home and that is something to savour and enjoy.

Life isn't going to be a meticulously curated Instagram account full of beach walks and family moments and you don't have to be in a pilates class on a mountain to find moments of stillness.

The everyday simple things hold value if you take the time to notice. Find ways to flip that perspective of cleaning being house woorrrrk, to an opportunity to practice mindful living and enjoy more of your life.

The Healing Spaces Project - Lauren Shiels.

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