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Much like the new dawn, Spring has such a newness about it, buds peak out of skeletal trees, cute animals appear and we feel different, like a breathe of morning fresh (still cool) air, we are renewed after a season of rest. What an incredible energy to call in a new beginning.

Here are some ideas of how you can call Spring into your home and connect with the new season via some home rituals.


Spring Cleaning has roots in ancient cultures in many corners of the world.

I was researching the history in hopes of sharing some pointers but there is so much it deserves an article on its own (and there are plenty) from the commemoration of the freeing of the slaves from Egypt in biblical times, to Chinese and Middle Eastern traditions, all have connections to thoroughly cleaning the home to celebrate a new beginning, in Spring.

So not only are there these ancient traditions but the urge to deep clean at the beginning of Spring may also just be part of our biology.

In winter our melatonin drops, making us sleepier. As there is more warmth and sun, our melatonin levels pick up and we find more energy to notice dirty windows and dust and feel energised to deal to it enthusiastically.


Typically in the West, we wait until the new year to choose a resolution for the year. Yet when this is done, we are probably a few glasses of bubbles in, holiday mode and life is feeling pretty good as it is, so it doesn't seem to be a great time to make them!

Spring however, has new beginnings every where you look.

Whether you are on your bed casually jotting in a journal, or up at the crack of dawn at your home office, or walking your garden, find a space and time alone to consider a resolution for this Spring and onward.

This is a good time to consider if you have a sacred space in your home for these reflective moments. I have written an article about the sacred space here


Your senses are a way to connect to your here and now. Scent is amazing for this, so what better way to connect to a fresh new beginning then a clean and fresh scent.

For me, I like to use essential oils in water and vinegar to dust. Different essential oils have different properties, for example Eucalyptus is fantastic to clean with, lavender repels bugs and citrus energises, or just pick a scent you love.

Here is a good recipe for a fresh room spray with little ingredients.

1/4 C distilled water

10 drops of lemon essential oil

10 drops of lavender essential oil

shake in a spray bottle and spray away.


We need to open our windows so that the home can breathe, to dry condensation and freshen the air.

Be mindful of how much though, doors slamming is a sign that there is too much and since slamming doors tends to align with anger, it's not a good play on your psyche.

Otherwise, open up and let the Spring vibes in.


I'm always keen on some fresh foliage from the garden or florist.

Spring may bring the flowers, but it also brings the pollen.

This is why in Spring I suggest you visually soak up the colours of the flowers when out and about but stick to green foliage for displays inside to keep the air clean in your home. Some indoor plants also absorb pollens from the air, if you are allergic this is a great way to help eliminate pollen from the air in your home.

'Working with natural rhythms rather than against them in our homes can give our life meaning and bring fulfilment and a sense of belonging in the world' - The Healing Home by Suzy Chiazzari

I hope this helps you get excited about the next season ahead, winter hit a little early in New Zealand this year so I know I'm excited to implement these rituals myself.

Have a beautiful day designing your life.

Lauren Shiels - The Healing Spaces Project.

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