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Harnessing the vibrations of colour for your wellbeing - an intro to colour therapy.

"Colour goes beyond words and visual impact. It is a universal language to be felt with the heart, fully absorbed and deeply experienced" - June Mcleod, Colour Therapist.

We experience colour every moment we are awake and even in our dreams.

It shapes the world around us.

It communicates with us from the dawn of time and navigates our very survival, most brightly coloured frogs for example, are poisonous. Clean fresh water is clear but reflects the sky to appear blue, stagnant water is murky and not to be drank. A bright red strawberry is ready to eat.

Colour holds many spiritual connections such as the chakras (pockets of energy located in different parts of the body - a post for another day!).

So naturally certain colours have certain messages in a hereditary fashion but did you know that colour itself holds vibrations of different frequencies that affect us in different ways?

Everyone is different, asking a persons favourite colour is a popular question because it varies so much. Red may represent lust and passion to one person and be received as quite 'full on' to another, this is to be used as a guide but it requires you to be honest with yourself in how you feel about different colours - Here is a basic introduction to colour therapy and how it can be used in the home to support your life in positive ways.


Powerful and passionate, it arouses attention and appetite but can also create irritation and restlessness.

Red vibrations are the deepest of the colours and increases the heart rate.

A great choice if you want to feel energised or romantic but not so good if one has high blood pressure or is prone to anxiety.


The coolest of the warm colours, yellow stimulates the mind and for its connections with the warmth of the sun and spring flowers it creates a cheerfulness.

This makes yellow a fabulous colour in the office or kitchen, where focus is welcome.

It is not such a good choice for the bedroom where it is best to switch off and relax the mind.


Green regulates blood pressure, the nervous system and relieves tension and stress.

It promotes feelings of self love and is the colour of good health.

Green can be used in any room! Fresh and new green apple for the office or calm and relaxing forest fern for the bedroom.


Sky blue calms emotion and soothes the whole system.

It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and feeds the respiratory system.

This makes sky blue a wonderful choice for a child's bedroom especially if they have eczema or are teething, also if someone has a busy mind it is a good choice for the living room to help them calm the mind.

If someone is naturally lethargic and needs help with getting up and getting out, sky blue would not be a great choice for this individual.

Now that you have a basic understanding of some colour therapies, you may start to notice some patterns in the world around you. For example fast food restaurants usually use the colour red in their branding, to make you hungry and then leave! Restaurants will use a more earthly tone of red, to stimulate your appetite but to make you feel cozy and intimate and want to stay.

Hospitals will use lots of pastels mainly green and lavender, so you feel at ease and non-threatened.

What are some emotions you would like to evoke in the home, focus? Energy? Escape?

Your home is your support system, so why not work with colour to create a healing space for you and your family.

The Healing Spaces Project - Lauren Shiels

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