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What are you intentions of the space you are about to renovate/decorate/build?

Do you intend to stay here for 3, 5, 10 years or indefinitely?

Why this question is at the top of my list is simple, it defines who we are designing for.

If the plan is to sell, it is best to keep things relatively simple.

Enough character and charm to inspire but simple enough so buyers can visualise themselves enjoying the lifestyle of the house. Here are some tips if your plan is to sell:


No this does not necessarily mean painting all your walls white.

Each room has its own purpose and you can support that purpose with subtle variations of colour on the walls and still have cohesion. Using a neutral palette with subtle variation gives that touch of character but still flows.


While a fresh beige carpet might look just stunning, the next buyers may have a dog, or children, or grandchildren etc, selecting finishes that have some 'room for error' is going to feel much more welcoming and caters to the masses. A beige carpet with a multi tone fleck will give a similar look but handle a bit more rough and tumble.


Furniture layouts have much more flexibility when the furniture is freestanding. If you are looking to install some shelving, consider a bookcase, this way you can also take it with you when it's time to move out.

The forever home however, has much more scale for self expression but must also consider long term, depending on your age and life plans, when it comes to a forever home, this can look different for everyone.

Some things to consider could be:


Over time children change their interests drastically, so it's good to think ahead in regards to the needs of a bedroom. A desk to sit and make art, could change into a space for homework. Keep cabinetry finishes flexible by using a timber finish or a neutral colour. Mushroom cabinetry looks gorgeous in a childs room with pinks and blues and will freshen up and mature later on with whites and greys around it.


Painting is such an incredible way to change a space and when it is your forever home (or if you are planning to live there 3+ years) there is real scope to unleash your style in this area. Not only with colour but wallpapers with texture and pattern too.


With so many hard finishes, the kitchen isn't something that is updated too often. For longevity, natural finishes like concrete and timber will not go out of date and having that connection to nature, will have less chance of getting on your nerves after a while. If you must inject some fun, lighting pendants, splash backs and accessories are a great place to do this and are easily changeable.

Sometimes when I ask a client this question they don't know the answer and that is ok too. At the end of the day this is your project and the ultimate goal is that as long as you are living there, it supports you in all the right ways and that you enjoy your life, as much as possible!

The Healing Spaces Project - Lauren Shiels.

Image Source: Pinterest

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