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Congratulations! A first baby (or babies!) on the way, is such a special time and preparing for your new baby's arrival by creating a nursery is an incredibly healthy activity. I personally think the second trimester is a great time to prepare the nursery. The first trimester you might feel a little tired and icky (everyone is different) but leaving an open calendar in the third is a good plan too.

When researching and planning a nursery, the likely first step is to visit a baby store and get a list! This list, is huge, of course it is, they want you to buy everything! Here are my suggestions for a successful and affordable nursery.


My favourite window treatment for a nursery is a sheer curtain with a double track and thermal curtain behind it. Thermal curtains are important to keep in the warmth and block out the light but the added sheer creates such a lovely soft look. You can have the sheers closed only, for privacy (great if you are planning to breastfeed) but still let in natural light, they are also nice to have closed on harsh glare-y days.


Change tables are great! But they are big and you won't need them for very long.

The best option in my opinion is to convert a lowboy to a change table with a change mat and harness.

It is more attractive, you can use the top drawers to store nappies and creams etc and when baby can roll over, the furniture returns back to being drawers. Just make sure they are an appropriate height. If you end up with a c-section you will be glad that you did!


Even if you plan to bottle feed (or end up bottle feeding) a comfortable nursing chair is a must!

There are many trendy chairs out there but do consider one with soft upholstered arm rests rather than timber. A fun idea is to go second hand shopping, find a cool old recliner and get it fixed and re-upholstered in a wipeable fabric (not velvet), Dad will thank you for this one!


What colour to do the nursery, that is the question!

Let's think about the majority of use for this space, for baby it's sleeping, for you it's feeding and cuddling with the odd change. Which makes this room a space that requires a relaxing and soothing but uplifting vibe... for one year anyway.

For this, whites and neutrals are perfect. You can introduce pattern and colour with art and homewares that are easily changed as baby grows. Linen is a great place to introduce some character but remember baby is stimulated by contrast, so soft and subtle colours and patterns in linens are best.

This space is for you too, you will be spending a fair amount of time in here in babies first year.

It is such a beautiful but emotional time, so it is important that the room feels uplifting and comforting for you too. Think of it as a support system for you and baby as you get to know each other. Keep tones light and mix textures to keep it interesting, toys make wonderful homewares and an air cleansing plant is a lovely addition.

I am incredibly excited for you, maybe even a little jealous, I hope these tips have helped spark some thought of how you would like to welcome little one into the world.

Enjoy the love xx

The Healing Spaces Project - Lauren Shiels.

*Images from Pinterest.

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