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Times are changing, they always are, but we have seen more change than ever since 2020 hit.

One thing that 2020 did for just about everyone, was disrupt the routine and I mean this in a good way.

We spent more time at home, we looked at the way we work differently and for a lot of people this really opened up some flexibility in their lives.

One thing that happened for me was more interest in working online. I was offering e-design services anyway which catered more to those who lived in rural areas and wanted to simplify the process of improving a space by minimising shopping time. But as more of us are becoming more comfortable with online conversing, online services in general are on the rise.

For me an e-design service usually looks like this:

  1. Online Zoom or Face-time consultation: We meet online to discuss the project and you the client to find out the needs and take a tour of the space if possible.

  2. Floor plans: With the provision of floor plans by the client (this can easily be done with a pen, paper and measuring tape) I can put these into a scaled drawing including existing furniture pieces to see how the space can be utilised.

  3. Style Board: A collage type document that presents a visual of how the space will look.

  4. A Shopping List: To list what to buy, where to get it and how much it costs.

Some clients however just get the floor plan or the Style Board, or even just an online consultation, which is enough for them to move forward with their project with more clarity and confidence.

Here are 5 reasons more people are getting online interior design help.


Most people tend to think that a small scale project, for example, window treatments, cushions and a rug choice for one room. Would not interest a designer, but an e-design is perfect for small scale projects because there is less cost involved for the designer.


I am not sitting with you presenting an idea, you have the privacy and the time to open up your presentation that has been delivered to your inbox, with a cup of tea and take it all in before you even get back to me, even if its midnight.


Anyone who has taken on even a repaint will know the options for paint alone is almost limitless, throw in tiles, fittings, light fixtures, surfaces and wallpapers, its easy to get overwhelmed and loose your way and your weekend. Having a plan will give you at the very least, a guidance and can really streamline your choices.


When you have had help from a professional, you can move your project forward with confidence and excitement to minimise stress and enjoy the process.


With an e-design you get a quote for exactly what you are getting upfront. No unknown clock up of countless hours or diving into a service with no idea how much it's going to cost as traditional interior design has done in the past.

You can pop it right into your budget spreadsheet and a plan is much cheaper than a mistake.

Perhaps if you have a renovation/build or redecoration on the way, you might look into some e-design help as one of your trades that help pull the project together, to ensure confidence in the process, cohesion in your choices and a beautiful result that serves.

Feel free to get in touch to make an appointment by emailing or giving me a call on (0064) 027 306 5533.

Have a fantastic day designing your life.

Lauren Shiels - The Healing Spaces Project

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