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Cleanse and remove stress from your home to cleanse and remove stress from your life

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Sometimes things at home can get a little tense, arguments, bringing home stress from work, money problems, relationship problems and more - it happens to everyone.

The home catches your energies and reflects them back to you, so to ensure your home is of the most healing position it can be to support your life, try these tips to cleanse and remove stress.

1. Use essential oils to dust and clean the space. Lavender oil is a great choice because it has calming and anti anxiety properties, has a clean and fresh scent and also helps repel bugs! Just a few drops on a damp cloth will do the trick.

2. Play some calming music. Sound vibrations need to be cleared, especially after an argument or after watching an unpleasant movie.

3. De-clutter, yes this is a buzzword at the moment, but for good reason. Un-opened mail, old fruit, dirty washing, these sorts of things represent neglect and a loving home deserves that care and maintenance so it can reflect back to you in a supportive and productive way.

4. Open some windows, but not too many. A breeze is good, wind is not. You want the air to be fresh and clear, not turbulent and rushed. Be aware of how the air is entering your home and perhaps open just one window in a room or make sure the air isn't being pushed and sucked by an opposite window or exterior door.

5. Change something. Move some art around, re-arrange some furniture, mix and match your cushion arrangement or all of the above. The surprise when you next enter the room will spark thoughts of change and new beginnings. Every moment of our lives is an opportunity to start fresh, there is not a second chance but infinite chances, a small change in your home can remind you of this and recharge your mindset.

6. Relax in it. Lay down on your couch with a magazine or light a candle and make yourself a cup of tea. Your vibrations will help clear the space and your enjoyment of that moment will reset the environment.

These are small 5 minute exercises to freshen your space and your mind. Give them a go the next time your feeling under stress at home and I'm sure you will come out the other end refreshed and repaired xx

Please note, these are tools to help, not to cure. Issues, whatever their source need to be dealt with in calm and mature ways, we must not glaze over them but work through them to truely heal and this itself will be reflected in your loving home.

The Healing Spaces Project - Lauren Shiels.

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