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Benefits of real indoor plants in the home and how they improve your health.

It is common knowledge that plants are good for you, we know they are good for us because they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen (amazing right!) but what some of you might not realise is that some indoor plants actually also absorb organic and inorganic chemicals too! This can improve our health in regards to reducing reaction to allergies and asthma, even anxiety!

Some believe plants grow better when you tell them you love them and thank them for being so beautiful, such a positive and grateful attitude can only improve your day whether the plant hears you or not.

Here are some options that are perfect to have in the healing home. Just doing this research has really woken me up to how amazing these plants really are and I think I need to add some bromeliads to my houseplant family!

Spider Plant

A study took place where Spider plants were placed in some hospital rooms for patients recovering from surgery, the rooms with the plants present recorded less levels of pain, anxiety and fatigue. See the study for yourself here

The Spider plant is pro at removing carbon monoxide from the air you breathe, this pollutant comes from motor vehicles, refrigerator gas, gas stoves, cigarettes and fire places which can cause flu like symptoms and fatigue. Absolutely magical!


These beauties come in a range of colours and look stunning in an indoor pot.

Bromeliads absorb 90% of Benzene found in cigarette smoke, rubber, glue and detergents. High exposure to Benzene is extremely bad for your health, so why not minimise exposure in your home with a stunning and easy to look after Bromelaid.

Aloe Vera

I remember as a child, my mum breaking off a piece of aloe vera and squeezing the slimey juices on to my mosquito bites and sunburn. This truely is a wonder plant and along with its medicinal qualities it also acts as a filter to Benzene and other chemicals. It too, removes carbon dioxide from the air and produces oxygen at night, this makes it a great choice for the bedroom. What a lovely thing to have to care for your skin and your lungs and because it is a succulent it is very low maintenance, talk about a giver!

Bamboo Palm

To keep a Bamboo Palm well, you need to keep its soil damp, but the humidity the damp soil gives off reduces mold and bacteria in the home. The leaves of the bamboo palm absorbs carbon dioxide and produce oxygen into the space it occupies.

Now that you have another tool in your healing home tool box, I hope you consider one or all of these options to improve the air quality in your home, among other health benefits.

Being closer to nature is good for the soul and having live indoor plants helps connect our man-made living spaces to the outdoors.

Plants in the home visually soften corners and hard edges and breathe life into a space. They may require a little more work than their fake friends but what they give back in return is well worth the effort.

The Healing Spaces Project - Lauren Shiels.

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