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When creating a space in the home, a balance of the elements is a great technique to ensure that the space resonates in a positive way, because we are not seperate to nature, we are of it.

I am not a Feng Shui expert but have adopted or inspired theories of elemental balance in interior schemes, to connect our everyday home lives with our natural environments.

The key word here really is balance (isn't it for everything?!) the 5 elements, earth, air, fire, metal and water hold different energies and it makes sense that these energies should compliment each other as we see in nature, a stone basin there to capture running water for example has a harmonious and familiar connection to nature, where as a fish tank over a fireplace would disturb.

Here I take a look at some of the combinations of these different energies presented in the home.


As per the example above, I think stone in the bathroom is such an amazing choice. That connection between stone and water from trickling rivers to waves crashing on rocks, we are reminded of weekends, holidays and childhood memories. Stone and water has a spa quality to it which creates a luxurious feel.

Contrasted with sleek brass or brushed nickel fittings brings in that metallic element which completes the look and experience perfectly.


The kitchen is interesting and a little more complex than the bathroom, because in this space you have fire (from the oven and hob) and water (from the sink). The kitchen is not so much a place to unwind but more a space that benefits from energetic inspiration. Within balance, all 5 elemental factors are welcome.

In this example below, we have water and fire from the sink and hob, metal from the copper pendants, stone and timber (earth) and and airy feel with the white scheme and spacious layout.


The bedroom is a retreat.

Doesn't this say so much. To rest and to rise, both states of calm that should be supported with a calm environment. Traditionally many designers have said blue is the best colour for the bedroom, I don't debate this blue is very calming but so are grounding tones. This is why earthly colours and strong textures are such a great choice for the bedroom. To balance earthly colours, fresh whites are a perfect fit and greenery in glass where you can see the water is a refreshing touch, to ensure the energy is balanced and not lethargic.


Working from home requires motivation - I know this!

It is such a great asset that you can see out of a window in your office, when you turn your head (try to avoid head on natural light as this is jarring for your eyes when looking at a computer screen).

Combined with natural timbers to calm but lifted with metallic chrome, this creates a harmonious blend of energies that are fresh, inspiring, calming and energetic all together.

How does your home connect to nature? Do you feel a connection to your environment and how does the space make you feel? Sometimes the introduction of a simple plant or metallic accent can make all the difference in balancing out the elements and ensuring your space supports you in all the right ways.

The Healing Spaces Project - Lauren Shiels.

Images from Pinterest

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