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There is so, so, so much happening in the world right now, it is a very interesting time and a time of inevitable change. There is not much time in lockdown left, so I really recommend, if you haven't already to find a sacred space in your home and create some time to think and trust.

The first paragraph on this post is imitating monkey brain, when our thoughts are so chaotic and influenced by the external world, it is a great indication to go within, beyond the monkey brain and you need a space to do this, a space you know is there to retreat to when monkey brain or confusion rises again.

This is how to do it.


Different spaces in your home have different purposes but there will be, regardless of the purpose, certain spots in the home that attract you, whether they have been designed that way or not.

These spots will have a certain calm about them, it doesn't matter if it is in the middle of the living room, in your bedroom, your kids bedroom or even the bathroom floor! Try to use your intuition to find this sacred space.


Sit in your new sacred space, feel it, are you comfortable?


Your kit is 1 - how ever many you like items that will come with you to your sacred space.

If you have found yourself on the bathroom floor, especially if you have tiles, chances are you are not overly comfortable and maybe even a bit cold! The first thing in your kit, is a cushion.

Maybe you like relaxing music from your phone to help you concentrate, maybe you want to go all out with candles and crystals if you're into that! Maybe you need nothing because your space is a comfy chair! Whatever helps make you feel like you are creating a space for you in this moment.


This is the tricky part, turning off monkey brain, try taking deep breathes, when these busy thoughts subside you can get to some real thinking, ask yourself questions and be really honest with yourself, this is of upmost importance. No one is here to judge but you, so don't!


Allow the time to go over things if you need to, this is your time to investigate yourself and find your own answers and remember the one person in the whole planet that you can trust, is yourself.


Maybe you found an answer that was confusing you, maybe you need more time, but know now that you have this space that you can return to, it is safe, it is yours and it is there for you whenever you need.

Keep your kit if you have one in a special place, so when things get tough or confusing, you know what to do.

That's it! Simple as!

If the first time doesn't quite work for you, chances are you just didn't find the quiet, this is really not an encouragement for monkey brain so if you find yourself stuck in the hectic voices as you sit, you may need some assistance to get quiet, a guided meditation for example. I first discovered this by visualising a net capturing the monkey thoughts 'CLAP' it was that fast, I was then met with an indescribable calm, like I was in complete control of my life, because guess what, we are!

Good luck and I hope your sacred space serves you well.

Much love.

The Healing Spaces Project - Lauren Shiels

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