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3 ways your front door can improve the way you feel.

How much have you thought about your front door?

This is a very important piece of architecture, it greets you and your guests to your most sacred space, your home.

I am very spiritual but I am also very logical, so jumping all in to become a Feng Shui expert was not for me, however on learning about Feng Shui practices there are some that to me that make perfect sense, so I adopted them. Here are 3 ways your front door can improve the way you feel.

1. Fix squeaky doors. Don't put it off any longer.

If your front door, sounds like it is screaming in pain every time you enter your home and every time you leave? This is a negative experience and it's easy to tune out certain things if you have been living with them for a while. Your home should invite you in and hold you to its bosom after a hard days work and in the morning send you out revitalised and with a big wave saying 'have a fabulous day my darling!' ok I dramatise, but visual metaphors help me understand the world.

You get the point though right?

2. Colour me happy.

I know what your thinking, 'your going to tell me to paint my front door some ridiculous bright colour that I hate' no, please no, don't use a colour that you hate ever! Just consider the colour choice and how it makes you feel.

Did you choose a mushroom colour because that's what colour your roof is and you wanted to make sure your door went with your house?

How does that colour make you feel? Happy? Sophisticated? Relaxed?

Your front door holds the opportunity to inject a colour or material that makes you feel great when you get home. There are a multitude of colours that can work with exterior schemes without being too drastic and a front door focal point is a great look.

3. Open Sesame.

Which direction does your front door open?

It should open inward into the house. If your front door opens outward and you or your guests have to take a step back to open your front door, this is an unwelcoming experience, again subtle, but worth considering.

All these little experiences add up to how we feel in a situation and these are tiny steps we can make to ensure our home is the most supportive and nurturing of our lives as it can be.

What's your front door like, tell me about it in the comments, I'd love to hear xx

The Healing Spaces Project - Lauren Shiels (non Feng Shui expert)

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