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I used to believe that interior design was for the wealthy and materialistic and was torn between an industry I loved and one that lacked meaning.

 I found that meaning, through use of space, light, colour and so much more, our environments truly have the power to shape our lives. Interior design is now not only my passion, but I believe, my purpose.

I want this service to be affordable so I offer e-design packages as a low budget option as well as full design services.

I am so excited to meet you and work with you to create a cohesive interior that ignites your essence

and nurtures the life you want to live.

Contact me today and find out how together, we can create beautiful and inspiring spaces

that support you in all the right ways.




DIY may be tempting, but the end results can end up with costly mistakes, a non-cohesive result or general disappointment. Here are my top 5 reasons, of why you should hire an interior designer.

1. A fresh eye is always helpful, a trained eye is even better. A designer can consider utilising a space in ways you may not have thought of, this is something best thought of at the beginning of a project, not the end.

2. Avoid costly mistakes and living with annoying design flaws that could have been exposed early in the process. 

3. Not everyone can visualise an end result, nor quite understand how to put things together to achieve a cohesive look. The undertones of colour for example, is just as important as overtones. A designer will keep your vision in check to ensure your result is on point with your goals.

4. You may be working alongside a partner whose taste may differ to yours at times, a designer can act as a mediator and during times of renovation and build this itself can be quite valuable!

5. You are already investing a lot of money into your space that will no doubt serve you everyday, why not do it right and not only like it, but LOVE it!



e-design for affordable interior design planning, with flexibility and support, for Australia and New Zealand.


Building or renovating?

Have a professional designer on your team to help you achieve your dream home with less stress and anxiety throughout the process. Hiring a designer may sound expensive but can end up saving you money!


Already have a plan but just need a professional second opinion? Or perhaps you don't know

where to start?!

You have come to the right place


"Have you ever noticed how some rooms exude a certain energy, warmth, and a harmony of spirit? If you have, then you have experienced the language of the home. A language softly spoken, and universally understood."

Charlotte Moss



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